Factors mold parts processing effects
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  ACT-MOLD from the production and processing point of view, affect the processing of the following main points.

1) surface. Precision molds parts processing than the outer surface of the inner surface is easily processed, rule surface is contoured surface is easily processed, shaped hole than the cavity machining easier.

2) accuracy. Precision molds parts manufacturing difficulties may improve the accuracy of the geometric increase in the number. Size precision parts manufacturing precision molds and molded parts relative position accuracy depends on equipment, measurement, and replacement guarantee. The positional accuracy of other parts can be simultaneously processed by methods such assurance, and reduce costs.

3) Surface roughness. Precision mold parts of the mold in terms of the surface roughness is important, take more time manufacturing. Increasing the surface decoration will increase the manufacturing process, but sometimes can reduce the surface roughness requirements.

4) the number type holes and cavities. Number of precision molds parts shaped hole and the cavity increase, we have to improve the mold manufacturing factory and location requirements (especially relative position requirements), increase the complexity and difficulty of manufacturing mold.

5) thermal processing and heat treatment. Yi Ze precision molds parts thermal processing and heat treatment in addition to ultimately die life to meet user requirements, but also affect the production efficiency of each process.

Kaiwang precision as ultra-precision molds parts manufacturer, we have more than a few strictly controlled conditions affect major parts manufacturing precision molds, so customers in the manufacturing quality of Kaiwang completely at ease.

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