Processing mold components most important
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Precision mold components processing typically use grinding, EDM and fitter treatment, this stage is very important, both to control the deformation of the good parts, but also to calculate the stress, shape and size tolerances affect the accuracy of temperature and environmental parameters. ACT-MOLD COMPONENTS is to share experiences and effective processing methods:

Machining mold parts, a general guiding principle for different materials, different shapes, different technical requirements for adaptive processing, it has a certain plasticity, it can be processed by the control, to achieve good processing effect, which is It means that we evaluate the most important process in the early stage of processing mold components.

Part of the heat treatment process, the hardness of the parts required to obtain the same time, the need to control the internal stress, ensure the stability of the part machining dimensions, different materials each with a different approach. With the recent development of the mold industry, the type of materials used has increased, except Cr12,40Cr, Cr12MoV, carbide, but on the larger work intensity, force demanding convex and concave mold, the choice of new alloy material powder such as V10, ASP23 and other such material with high thermal stability and good organizational status.

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