Carbide punches steel grinding process
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Carbide punches is mainly grinding machine tool is mainly used (inside and outside grinder). Finishing grinding to strictly control the deformation and grinding grinding cracks, even very small cracks in the subsequent processing use will be revealed. Thus, grinding of feed to be small, not big, coolant to the full, dimensional tolerances within 0.01mm in part to try to constant grinding. The calculation shows, 300mm long steel, temperature 3 ℃, the material changes around 10.8μm, 10.8 = 1.2 × 3 × 3 (the amount of deformation per 100mm 1.2μm / ℃), each finishing operations are required to take full account of this Effect of a factor. Grinding selecting the appropriate grinding wheel well is very important for high high molybdenum vanadium steel mold situation, the choice of a single crystal corundum grinding wheels GD more applicable, when machining carbide, high quenching hardness of the material, giving priority to the use of organic binder Diamond Wheel agent, an organic binder from sharpening wheel is good, coarse grind workpieces of up to Ra = 0.2μm, in recent years, with the application of new materials, CBN grinding wheels, CBN grinding wheel that is showing very good processing results, CNC forming grinding, jig grinding, finishing on CNC internal and external grinder, better than other types of wheel. Grinding, attention should be trimmed wheel, keeping a sharp wheel, when the wheel passivation, will swipe at the surface, extrusion, resulting in surface burns, lower intensity.

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