Application of mold parts guide pin
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Summary:Application of mold components guide column

Before the mold is closed, the first place to contact each other. By direct contact with the mold guides positioning holes, and the use of high frequency and therefore easily damaged wear large, in order to facilitate the replacement and maintenance, to avoid the use of bushing-type mold wear, and ease of processing, post hole is easy to pull out, usually materials used are: SKD61. In general, public opinion guide sleeve commonly used for two major parts to ensure accurate within the movable die and the fixed mold to the shape, size and precision plastic parts together and avoid a collision with the mold components interfere with each other, play a clamping guide role. When the mold opening and closing, the movable side of the mold can quickly locate the exact provided with solid friction wear resistance of high frequency so good SUJ2 material, usually a group of at least four mold needs to guide pins and bushings

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