Some mold components grinding characteristics
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Summary:Some mold components grinding characteristics

In the mold components processing, grinding is a finishing process. Grinding is usually performed manually, between the grinding tool and the polished surface plus abrasive, research from the surface of the part to very thin metal layer, the surface of the workpiece to obtain high precision and high finish. With the development of the machinery industry, grinding gradually tend to mechanization.

General grinding mostly by manual or semi-manual operation, the device is simple, easy operation, low cost, ease of maintenance.Automatic lathe cutting tapered tip parts. Adopt joint motion complex machining tool path. If the two related cam installation error, the tool box is not synchronized with the spindle start-stop, such as the spindle cam arrive early cutting position, and the tool off the center position of the cam yet to arrive. When the tool continues to move forward sent off, the headstock is at a standstill like apricot or final cut in a major pass children fed state. If the headstock is stopped, the last paragraph of the cylindrical shaped cut became cut off due to the formation of cutting force too large, the parts were broken off, causing drag glitches, must be secondary processing.

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