Brief Analysis Of The Future Development Of Gear Mold Industry

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The application of plastic gears in the gear industry will increase and become a worldwide trend. But at present, medium and low-end gear molds can be produced in China, and high-end gear molds mostly rely on imports. There are not many factories specializing in gear moulds in China, and most of them are made by gear factories themselves. In the application range of gear molds, the demand for plastic gear molds is relatively large, and the market potential is huge.

1. Speed up the adjustment of the gear mold industry structure

In the future development, the gear mold industry must first pay more attention to the strategic adjustment of its product structure, so that high-end molds with complex structures and high precision can develop faster.

At the same time, the mold industry should closely follow the market demand to develop. Without product demand and product upgrading, there will be no technological progress in the mold industry, and there will be no large-scale and high-end mold products. The level of gear mold technology determines to a large extent the product quality, efficiency and new product development capabilities.

2. Accelerate the implementation of standards in the gear mold industry

At present, there are neither national standards nor ready-made industrial standards for the processing of gear molds, especially for plastic gear molds. Technical standards are relatively open standards, but product standards are difficult to implement. When making products, it is necessary to consider many aspects such as the experimental standards, accuracy standards, and test equipment standards of the gear mold. So it is better to choose a reliable and professional mold manufacturer.

3. Strengthen cooperation between the gear mold industry

The development of modern industry is a cooperative relationship, which is equally important to the gear mold industry. This kind of cooperation is first of all direct cooperation in industry research. For example, several universities are studying gear molds, concentrating the power of the gear industry and some university research institutions, and doing integrated research and cooperation on process equipment and plastic internal deformation laws.

At the same time, from the perspective of the entire industry, the influence of gear molds is small and in a spontaneous state. The establishment of relevant professional associations is precisely to change this situation. This is to focus on discussing and solving the problems in the production of small modulus gears, so as to promote the development of the precision gear mold industry.