High Speed Cutting Technology Of Automobile Moulds

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High-speed cutting processing technology has been widely used in the automotive mould manufacturing industry at home and abroad, and has achieved huge benefits. However, the mechanism and related theories of high-speed cutting processing are still incomplete, and the high-speed cutting database for automotive moulds has not yet been established.

Through the practical application of high-speed cutting processing technology in the automobile mould manufacturing industry at home and abroad, high-speed cutting processing technology has the following advantages:

1. The high-speed cutting technology of automotive moulds improves the processing speed

High-speed cutting is used for high-speed cutting of automotive molds at a cutting speed 10 times higher than that of conventional cutting.

Since the excitation frequency of the high-speed machine tool spindle far exceeds the natural frequency range of the "machine tool-tool-workpiece" system, the automotive mold processing process is smooth and without impact.

2. High production efficiency of auto mold high-speed cutting processing technology

Machining molds with high-speed machining centers or high-speed milling machines can complete roughing and finishing of the profile and machining of other parts of the automotive mold in one clamping of the workpiece, which is the so-called "One Pass Machining".

The application of high-speed machining technology has greatly increased the development speed of automotive molds.

3. The high-speed cutting processing technology of automotive moulds can obtain high-quality processing surfaces

Due to the extremely small step distance and depth of cut, high-speed machining can obtain a high surface quality, and even the work of fitter trimming can be omitted.

4. High-speed cutting processing technology for automotive moulds simplifies processing procedures

Conventional milling can only be carried out before quenching, and the deformation caused by quenching must be trimmed manually or finally formed by electric machining. Now it can be completed by high-speed machining, and there will be no surface hardening caused by electrical machining.

In addition, due to the reduced amount of cutting, high-speed machining can use smaller diameter tools to process smaller fillet radii and car mold details, saving part of the machining or manual trimming procedures, thereby shortening the production cycle.

5. Make the automobile mould repair process more convenient

In the process of use, automotive molds often need to be repaired many times to extend the service life. If high-speed cutting processing is used, the work can be completed faster, and the processing effect of milling instead of grinding can be obtained, and the original program can be used without reprogramming, and can be accurate.