Mould Technology Guides The Development Trend Of Automobile Mould

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Automobile mold production is increasingly dependent on high technology, which can completely reduce manual labor to a very low level. The most important requirements for automobile mold production are high quality and short cycle time. In large-scale automobile production, the cost of the mold itself is far less important than the cost of using the mold.

1. Auto mold focuses on the development of computer technology

The focus of the development of mold manufacturing technology is to highlight the application of computers, and more and more people are moving from the production site to the computer. The physical design plus numerical control programming replaces manual actual production and machine tool operation. Fine mold surface design and fine CNC programming greatly reduce clamp repair, and high-precision machining eliminates the research and repair of the automobile mould.

2. Production of the auto mold without fitters

Traditional technology makes everyone think that it is impossible to leave the handwork for a single-piece, complex-shaped product such as a car mold. Eliminating fitters is a goal, which mainly refers to greatly reducing or completely avoiding grinding and adjusting fitters (assembly fitters are still required). To realize this, requiring a high-quality mold manufacturing process.

3. Integrated processing of the automobile mold

At the machining workshop site, there are three types of CNC machining lines:

① A processing line composed of several CNC machine tools with interchangeable beds;

② Unmanned flexible processing machine group with three-dimensional warehouse, which was a product of the early 1990s;

③ The integrated, high-speed, high-precision, five-sided machining center for rough and fine machining has only been put into use in recent years.

Therefore, the elimination of fitter in a sense is no longer a dream.