Alignment Locks
parameters1:Material-- SKD11 or YK30
parameters2:Male--YK30, 50-54HRC and Black oxide finish
parameters3:Female--SKD11, 58-62HRC and Titanium Nitride coated
Alignment Locks(Model:ATL/ASL)

***Custom product available***

This Plastic Mold Components name: Square Located Block, also Side Locks Sets and Square Guide Bar, wheelchair, fine positioning. Installed on the side surfaces of the mold, loading and unloading is extremely convenient and the mounting holes on the template (Groove) ease of processing. Mold for precision positioning or import agencies, in the moving half and fixed half core-clamping for this when precise positioning can reduce the wear of internal parts and cavities bumps, more precise control of injection molding product quality, extend its life, improve overall productivity, creating tremendous value. Positioning block clearance minimum, in order to avoid clamping occur collisions, need to be used with the precision level of post and square spacers clearance between the punch and block more smaller, please be sure to keep in mind when processing and arranging. Used in connectors, electronic components and other precision positioning.

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