Mini Slide Core Units
parameters1:Material-- SKD11 or D2
parameters2:SKD11/D2, 58-62 HRC, Titanium Nitride Coated
parameters3:SKD11/D2, 58-62 HRC, Black Oxide Finishing
Mini Slide Core Units(Model:ACMM)

***Custom product available***

Mini Slide Core Units

1.Equipped with slide core retracting mechanism.
2.Space saving.
3.With slide core lock mechanism.
4.Installation method can be selected between the two installation methods for core section.
5.Total cost reduction
  * Simple structure and low-cost.
  * The angular cam,slide core and guide plate come in a set ,which does not require oblique hole boring,resulting in process cost saving.(please procure the core part via in-house production).
  * Eliminates the complex calculation such as the slide stroke.etc.
  * This product is developed for injection molding die,do not use for other purposes.
  * Be sure to apply grease to the sliding surface to prevent it from burning.

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