Carbide Punches
Carbide Punches front end part, we are using an optical grinder grinding, fully guarantee the product is quality and tolerances.

Carbide punches needle may be based on different needs of the product and the mold material selection, stamping products thicker, carbide punches to choose lower hardness and toughness of the better models. The harder the material, carbide punches hardness relatively also choose a slightly lower number of models, which can effectively avoid the red needle is broken. The relatively thin sheet metal stamping, or hardness is not high, drilling of this product, carbide punches punch needle higher hardness of the material available, so that you can improve the life of punch needle.

    In the production of non-standard shapes carbide punches Chong-pin, we have already prepared the warehouse with the heat-treated material hardness, SKD, SKH, ASP series are based on a square sheet material to choose from, as long as the customer needs, you can always take out for EDM wire cutting.

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