Inclined Ejector Core Unit
parameters1:S50C Black Oxidized Coating
parameters2:Bronze Graphite Slide
parameters3: Material-- SKD11 or D2
Slide Core Units
SCFI series
SCAA series
SCFH series
***Custom product available***

  Slide Core Units design is clean, easy to install, and angle guide rod axle bearing parts of the fixing base rollover-proof structure is set, so the angle guide rod is easy to install. Angle guide rod fixed-seat compact, avoiding possible interference of a tilting motion and die, self-lubricating Board installation angle is 0-10 degrees, you can choose according to the medial concave molding products. Self lubricating plate set with solid lubricant on 3 sides, abrasion resistance, load resistance, excellent sintering resistance and without long-term stable performance under the State of the grease.

  The plastic mold parts mainly for large mold side core places, living core components installed in pusher, molded plastic pieces through the slant putter inside diagonal top side concave shape of the core, complete core-pulling.


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