Plastic Part Structure Design Principles

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The characteristics of plastics are different from those of metals. Designers must follow its performance characteristics as below.

1. The plastic material selection needs to be considered:

(1) The physical and mechanical properties of plastics, such as strength, rigidity, toughness, elasticity, water absorption and sensitivity to stress, etc.;

(2) Plastic molding characteristic, such as fluidity, crystallization rate, sensitivity to molding temperature and pressure, etc.;

(3) The shrinkage of plastic products after molding, and the difference in shrinkage from all directions.

2. In terms of the plastic molded parts shape: it can meet the requirements of use, is conducive to mold filling, exhaust, and shrinkage. At the same time, it can adapt to high-efficiency cooling and hardening (thermoplastic products) or rapid heat curing (thermosetting plastic products).

3. From the perspective of the injection mold manufacturing: its overall structure should be considered, especially the complexity of core-pulling and ejecting products. At the same time, the shape of the molded parts and its manufacturing process should be fully considered in order to make the plastic parts more economical.

4. Regarding cost: the profit margin, annual output, raw material cost, mold life and replacement period of injection molding products should be considered, and the cost should be reduced as much as possible.

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