Control Of Precision Mold Materials, Heat Treatment And Grinding Processing

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From the signing of precision mold manufacturing orders to the delivery of qualified molds to customers, every link may affect the quality of molds. The precision mold manufacturing process should be controlled in accordance with system engineering, and each link must be controlled. This is a prerequisite for precision mold manufacturing.

The guiding ideology of mold parts processing is to formulate corresponding process plans for different mold parts, different materials, different shapes and different technical requirements. The general process of precision mould parts is: blank preparation, rough machining, semi-finish machining, heat treatment (quenching, quenching and tempering), precision grinding, electrical machining, fitter trimming and surface processing. Only by controlling the various procedures of the machining process can the required machining accuracy be achieved.

1. Precision mold materials and heat treatment control

The heat treatment of precision mold parts enables the parts to obtain the required material hardness, while at the same time making the parts processing and the size and shape stable after processing. There are different heat treatment methods according to the different materials of the parts and the structural characteristics of the parts. The internal stress of the heat treatment of the parts must be controlled, and the heat treatment process must be formulated. The hardenability, hardenability, heat sensitivity and decarburization sensitivity of the material must be fully considered, and the pressure quenching process must be used for thin-walled parts. For better products, you should choose a reliable molding supplier.

2. Precision mold grinding processing control

Grinding is a key process in precision mold processing. Finishing grinding must strictly control the appearance of grinding deformation and grinding cracks, and even control the micro-cracks on the surface of the workpiece.